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Special rice

Basmati Profumato


Descrizione: This is long grain rice that grows in the foothills of the Himalays, between India and Pakistan. Basmati rice grains are longer (and slender) as opposed to wider and become further elongated during cooking. Cooking time about 15 minutes, the grains remain "al dente" (firm to the bite) and separate, not sticky. Steaming is the typical cooking method as it brings out its fragrance, ideal as a side dish to fish or meat courses.
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Wholegrain or brown rice

Descrizione: It is one of the most important cereals from the nutritional point of view, as it is not impoverished by the refining process. Brown rice contains fibre, oils (found in the gem) rich in polyunsaturates, vitamins (B, PP, K, E), Potassium, Iron, Calcium and Phosphorus. Most of these elements cannot be found in refined white rice which is mostly made up of starch and a part of protein. A good compromise is semi-brown rice.
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Black rice

Descrizione: Black rice originates in China but today it is grown in some parts of the Po valley. It is a wholgrain rice which is pleasantly aromatic and cooks in about 40 minutes, releasing a unique aroma that recalls freshly baked bread with a hint of sandalwood. Its black colour is a rare feature. Legend tells that in the past Chinese farmers cultivated this type of rice which was reserved only for the emperor and his entourage who appreciated its nutritional and aphrodisiac properties (this type of rice was also known as the "forbidden rice"). It is ideally served boiled and topped with a little oil or butter and used as a side dish to meat or fish.
Formati al dettaglio: 1 Kg. vacuum pack
Formati all'ingrosso: 12 x 1 Kg. vacuum packs
Ribe Parboiled

Ribe Parboiled

Descrizione: The amber coloured tapered grains make this variety suitable for risottos and rice salads or just boiled as it is resistant to overcooking.
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Riso Rosso

Red rice

Descrizione: Red rice is a wholegrain rice with excellent nutritional qualities exceeding all other types of rice because it is rich in vitamins, trace elements, and mineral salts. The grains are medium in length and ruby red, this rice is precious for its anti-oxidant content and is easy to digest. It requires about 40 minutes cooking time, about half the time in a pressure cooker, without any type of seasoning. It absorbs each flavour and adds its own, with a rich organoleptic register, tasty, with a spicy aroma and decisive flavour with body. Suitable for preparing vegetable and pulse based dishes, an excellent accompaniment to fish and an original variation to rice salad.
Formati al dettaglio: 500 g.