Riso Morgante

AEDÌ S.r.l.
Via Ghislarengo, 12
13035 LENTA (VC)


Quality control

We carry out quality control on::

  • All trucks transporting paddy to our mill;
  • All the rice milled in our factory with sampling at fixed time;
  • All the rice packed in our factory with sampling at fixed time

Quality control is carried out according to HACCP.

Our control starts on the raw material (paddy), samples are taken from all the trucks entering our mill to test for the presence of all the essential characteristics required of a quality product, once the product conformity has been verified the paddy can be unloaded ready for the next stage of processing. .

Rice that has been harvested and left to dry is not yet edible and looks very different from the end product that the consumer is used to seeing.
The grains are covered by several layers (each layer has a different name according to botanical or marketable context): the outer layer is the glume (know as the husk), the inner layers are the pericarp and the aleurone (otherwise known as the chaff and the bran); and finally the germ and endosperm (gem and milled rice grain)..