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AEOF Certification

Our company has been awarded the AEOF (Authorized Economic Operator Full) certificate: Customs Simplifications/Security.

This status certifies the reliability of a company with regards to customs authorities.

Companies established within the EU that are actively involved in customs operations and international trade can apply for AEO status; it gives quicker access to certain simplified customs procedures and shipments may be fast-tracked through certain customs safety and security procedures with the aim of protecting the international supply chain.

The concept of this certification is in fact to regulate companies at global level and to make sure that they become secure market operators. The objective of the World Customs Organization (WCO - intergovernmental organisation with over 170 member states headquartered in Bruxelles) is therefore to create this status in all participating countries.

Currently in the EU the AEO programme, besides being in force equally in all 27 member states, is also active in the process of mutual recognition with non-EU countries:

  • Japan and the United States (already operative)
  • Norway, Switzerland and Andorra (partial agreement)
  • China (under negotiation)
  • Colombia and Marrocco (pending)

The advantages of becoming an AEO operator are therefore linked to the speed and safety with which a company’s products reach the final customer.

The benefits can therefore be summed up as follows:

  • Recognition status across the EU and internationally;
  • Facilitation in safety checks;
  • Priority over non-AEOs for cargo selected for examination;
  • Access to simplifications in customs procedures.

Certification of HALAL product

Certification of HALAL product

AEDÌ S.r.l. Riso Morgante obtained the HALAL certification for rice in 2017, this certification attests the compliance of the product with Halal standards and that it is suitable for consumption by people of Muslim religion.

Quality control